4429 LEGO City Helicopter Rescue

4429 LEGO City Helicopter Rescue

レゴ シティ ドクターヘリポート 4429
Product No. 4429
Theme 1 シティ/日常
Theme 2 消防
Year 2012
Initial Price $50 to $100
Pieces 748
Minifigs 4
Age 5歳以上
Instruction 1 2 3 (pdf)


  • 4429 LEGO City Helicopter Rescue
  • 4429 LEGO City Helicopter Rescue
  • 4429 LEGO City Helicopter Rescue
  • 4429 LEGO City Helicopter Rescue
  • 4429 LEGO City Helicopter Rescue
  • 4429 LEGO City Helicopter Rescue

Reveiws for this LEGO set (or Preview if not released yet)

Hospital set to have a width diversity of building the city. Deluxe Edition equipped with ambulance and emergency helicopter.


Minifigs accessory 4 body. 4 body comes doctor, ambulance helicopter pilot, ambulance driver, patient and, in a different role. Eye-catching is the print of white coat doctor. It is printed carefully over the lower body from the upper body. The pilot comes with a banana helmet figure, for men of the patient role. This minifigs Could it be that a customer visit. Comes with two stretcher for helicopter and ambulance.

and helicopter ambulance

Ambulance and emergency helicopter also color the American red and blue is beautiful in white base.

Helicopter quite large compared to the hospital building. There is nothing you are nothing special in design, but the fuselage rear hatch will open in a downward direction. Transportation quick patient is possible. Arrival and departure can be there on the roof of the ambulance garage has become so heliport. You sit in the pilot’s seat by removing the head parts of the body front if you put a pilot.

Ambulance design of van type. You can door rear portion of the vehicle body to hinge open upward, to put in the car stretcher for each patient.

hospital building

Hospital building is divided into parts and helipad and garage ward part in the left and right.

Garage for ambulance is installed on the right side toward, clean garage door of a transparent light blue slide open upward. Ambulance will subside completely. The top garage has become a heliport for emergency helicopter landing, I make a character representing the heliport in the block of “H”.

Entrance door on the first floor center ward. Bench and plants have been installed in the garden part. It will be a calm atmosphere by that there is this item. First floor ward has become the reception counter and waiting room. The two set up a sheet, attach the computer to the counter.

Two floor ward is a treatment room. Bed is placed two, and monitor equipment and drip will be placed. Door because it is attached to the heliport direction, I will be able to carry and easy-crowded on a stretcher patients with emergency medical helicopter.

impression Summary

Brand name has become a doctor heliport this set, it’s that it is product concept of the vehicle main helicopters and even Lego side I know, but I wanted the volume a little more to the building a little more building of the hospital is too simple, too was a place honest. For example, I do not know by just looking at the second floor part whether the hospital room or treatment room. I was glad I personally when there is a separate ward and operating room.

But it is a good item to expand the width of the police, fire, etc. public buildings. Ambulance and helicopter attached therefore, I think that it is set to be able to enjoy, especially if you play to suit the police and fire.

Rescue the patient and treat him at the hospital!

It’s a building emergency! The minifigure has slipped on the banana peel and needs help from the LEGO® City rescue team. If the speedy ambulance can’t make it in time, the rescue helicopter will make sure that he gets to the hospital for treatment by the doctor. There’s always someone to rescue in LEGO City! Includes 4 minifigures: helicopter pilot, ambulance driver, doctor and patient.

• Includes 4 minifigures: helicopter pilot, ambulance driver, doctor and patient
• Features hospital, rescue helicopter and ambulance
• Doctor’s syringe and banana peel also included
• Hospital features patient ward, 2 beds, helipad, garage and more
• Rescue helicopter features spinning rotors
• Ambulance features opening rear door and stretcher
• Rescue the patient!
• Land on the helipad!
• Load the stretcher onto the ambulance!
• Measures over 3” (10cm) high, 3” (8cm) wide and 9” (25cm) long
• Hospital measures over 9” (22cm) high, 9” (22cm) wide and 6” (16cm) deep
• Ambulance measures over 1” (5cm) high, 1” (5cm) wide and 4” (12cm) long

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